Thursday, August 28, 2014


If you follow your heart in my backyard to the back fence you will meet my hairdresser or her husband who is sometimes doing yard work down on that part of their property.  Or their dogs or their beautiful daughters.  They are all so nice!

So, here is her little gem of a hair salon:


On the topic of the winery and two homes, Andrea said she thinks they have both been sold.  At least that is what she heard.  We both still have a whole bunch of ideas for the winery.  Hers are all boutiquey and weddingly, mine are a little more community based- community garden/literacy center/farmer's market/coffee shop kind of idea.  I was outside with Irma and Mari today- Sergio's wife and daughter and they loved my idea.  

I'm glad I live on a street of dreamers.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Property Update

I want to write more about the winery that has been vacant for a couple of years now.  I will do it after I talk to my neighbor Thursday night.  I am having a hard time finding links to the homes and the winery.

I'm keeping my last post the way it is because it makes me laugh.  Its really hard to write at night when you are falling asleep!
The winemaker was so odd, but interesting.  
My neighbor, Sergio, helped him at the end
when he didn't have any money left to buy
food or cigarettes.  I'm so lucky to have
nice, caring, helpful neighbors like Sergio.  

Some things I wonder:

Do the grapes have to stay?

Does it have to stay agriculture?  I think so, Chad, my brother-in-law, thought there might be zoning laws, etc., I think he is right.  He is pretty smart too.

Why does the family have all their junk out by the truck and have garage sales every weekend?

Can the homes be used for commercial purposes?

My brain is thinking a lot.  I just hope something positive comes out of this property.

Monday, August 25, 2014


I think the soil is really good around my home.  Someone good needs to purchase the winery that is at the end of 15th Avenue in my little neighborhood area.  They can grow a whole bunch of yummy things! 

There are two home sold separately that belonged to the Winemaker and his mom. They are gone now, after being evicted.  They just sort of fell apart and didn't take care of the historic winery very well.

The winery is being sold separately by other family that still owns it.  I have heard from other neighbors that the wine making equipment is too messed up to even repair.  The property is nice thought and the historic buildings are interesting.  I will try and find real estate links tomorrow.

Our little neighborhood really wants something good to come from it.  On Thursday night I am going to the neighbor who lives above me to get my hair done.  She always has good ideas of what we;d like to see happen to the property.    She always has good ideas!

Here are my ideas:

Community Garden
Fid uo d---Oops, I'm falling asleep.  I'll fix this blog later.

Dead End.

15th Avenue

This truck is for sale too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Here is our carrot harvest!

Morning Glory

The morning glory is doing pretty well in my yard! 

Last Tomato Harvest

I'm pretty pleased with the tomato harvest
this year.  I think it helped planting them
in four different areas!