Friday, June 20, 2014

Sitting and Reading

I would like to have Oliver do a little bit of reading
at our podium this summer!  I'm calling this summer,
The Summer of Reading because I hope for him to
become a stronger reader before summer ends.  So
we are practicing a lot.  The podium is a good place for practice!

I'd also like to try and sit on our bench a little more
this summer!

Rock Garden

The rock garden definitely needs some work.  My students painted me a bunch of rocks so I have a lot more color to add to the area!  I just need to straighten them all out and make it look pretty!


I need to clean the chairs and work on the empty container garden!  Oliver's deck is so neat!


I like taking pictures of my garden.


Wheelbarrow garden is doing well.  Just not as colorful as I'd like it to be!

Meaty Tree

Morning glory, watermelons, poppy, and meaty smelling tree.
This is all growing where the dead painted tree used to be!
The morning glory came back on its own!

The meaty smelling tree is growing on its own in 
a couple of areas.  I'm going to let them because
they are like succulents and don't need a lot 
of help from me!


I finally chose the right kind of plants to live in the trunk garden.  I jest need to keep that area weed free!  I also met a black widow there the other day, so I need to be careful when I'm weeding in that area!