Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rose Tree

 Our rose tree fell in the big windstorm a couple of weeks ago.  Our gardener tried to fix it with some stakes from our painted tree that fell, but it is leaning again.  I hope he can try and fix it again.  Its so beautiful, it would be a shame to have to cut it down.


I think that is my hyacinth returning!  


Tomatoes are doing well!
I've got them growing in three different
places in our yard.  I wanted to make sure we got
a nice tomato crop this year!  Last year
there weren't enough!

Watermelon Patch

Our painted tree is gone.  My gardener cut it up
and put it in the yard waste.  Oh well.  We can
create more beautiful things and memories.  
For now, we'll see how watermelon do in this area!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Water Schedule


Water in late afternoon, early evening if possible-


Sunday, March 2, 2014


I have a lot of starters.  I think I will have enough 
to share with Mom and Jessica!

They are already sprouting!

But I needed to do something about them, they might
get too wet!  

So, I let them get a little rain and then I moved the all inside.
Now, they are happier and continue to grow!
We'll put them outside in a few days.

Friday, February 21, 2014


  1. Fit in a weekly/daily water routine.  Possibly water at night?
  2. Fix the hose and put on the water sprayer attachment thing.
  3. Weed and replant around the painted tree.
  4. Get worm farm ready for Oliver.
  5. Plant jasmine along water can fence.
  6. Plant more lavender in the purple garden.
  7. Plant the flat of plants mom got for me yesterday.
  8. Look into getting a sign made for my garden.
  9. Figure out what to do with the wood pieces that have fallen off the playhouse.
  10. Clean out the composting area.
  11. Weed all garden beds.
  12. Plant flowers in at least one garden bed and see how they do.   Now observe them.
  13. Plant hanging plants.  Maybe get some from the Van Man at the Farmer's Market.
  14. Move all starters Friday afternoon/evening inside for the weekend.  Its going to rain a lot this weekend, make sure they don't drown.  Watch other new plantings outside!
  15. Put mulch around azaleas.